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Spring is Clean Up Time

Spring is the time to open up the house, refresh the air in every room and get prepared for our beautiful summer season. As we approach summer it is important to clean up pollen both inside and out from window sills, patio furniture and walkways.

Inside the home it’s crucial to remove any evidence of pollen as it can affect people as well as pets. This is a great time to consider carpet deep cleaning, a refresh of your refrigerator and ovens as well as cleaning up cabinets, drawers, shelves, and the tops of appliances like your refrigerator (out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind for us…)

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Clean is Good!

Having a clean house is the best for you and your family. With winter comes winter dirt. And since it is so dry here at this time of year having a humidifier in the high traffic rooms of the house will help to cut down on the amount of dust that moves around in the dry air. Also changing your furnace filters once a month will cut down on dust and floating germs that circulate around your house.

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